In Studio Class - Open NOW!

The summer is crashing to an end. The moon blacked out the sun. Politics invading our calm. With all that is swirling around us, we can't lose our art. We CAN'T.

These are the times when we huddle together to remember who we are. Remember why we are here. Remember what we love to do.

You’re an Actor - Time to Act UP!
Act UP to stronger auditions
Act UP to meaningful roles
Act UP to financially rewarding work - there's no shame in wanting to be PAID!

This is why I continue to offer In Studio classes.
It’s a safe space to drown out the noise.
A focused space to grow your talent.

4 week, Advanced On Camera Acting Class. In person. 5 Actors ONLY. NYC


Besides craft and the nuts and bolts of working on camera
We spend the 1st hour of every class talking about how to get work
You can ask me ANYTHING
Getting an agent
Casting directors
Social Media
Then we spend the rest of the class doing the work - you can bring in your own audition sides or I can provide them for you.
I believe the whole actor needs to be addressed, I’m here to share with you everything you need to know to get your next job.

Sessions start September 10th. (click below for more info)
Last time this class sold out in 24 hours. First come first served.
$100 holds your spot. Balance to be paid September 30!

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