Casting - Web Series

Writer/Director Laura Fielder is casting her dramatic web series - Doubly Blessed

A former R & B superstar, on the verge of launching a comeback, has her plans derailed when her ex singing partner who is also her twin sister re-emerges and she's in dire need.

Keke – early to mid 30’s, female, Black. Former member of an early 2,000’s girl group who is making a career comeback.  Desperate for her shot of success, but at times can be too calculating. Self-conscious about how others perceive her.   Can be easily agitated and flustered. Must be able to sing
Tata – early to mid 30’s, female, Black.  Fraternal twin sister Keke.  Former member of an early 2,000’s girl group. A bonafide Black Boho (Erykah Badu/Solange).  Has a devil may care attitude about life.  However, has a keen eye for opportunities and able to seize it on a dime.   Although not concerned about what others think of her, she is very deliberate about her appearance and presentation.   Must be able to sing.
Robert – mid to late 30’s, male, Black.  Keke’s manager and lover.   A supportive, nuts and bolts person.   Not above doing anything to insure that his clients’ goals are achieved.
“Boogie Man” Mike – late 20’s to early 30’s.  Black, Afro-Latino, or Bi-racial (black/white).  An up-and-coming producer on the brink of success.   Confident and self-assured.  Believes in artistic integrity.
Eve - 19-22 year old, female, Black.  An undiscovered pop/r&b singer.  What she lacks in talent she makes up in focus and determination.  Her attempts to be seen as glamorous and sexy is way off the mark.  
Engineer – 30-40 year old, male, race open.  At home in any recording studio.   An experienced journeyman.

Auditions Tuesday July 25 - 11am - 2pm
New York City - local hire only
Attach resume/headshot and email to - - List the character you would like to audition for in the subject line of the email.
If submitting reel, send link, do not attach reels to email.

Please only submit to the email address listed above. Submissions sent to other email addresses will not be considered.