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I received the email on Friday afternoon for the call back on Monday.  I had been on my way to the health club and scrapped that to go to The Drama Book Shop, as the recommendation for the call back was to prepare a scene that was dramatic, emotional and painstaking.  I didn't have that scene in my back pocket.  I picked up some good material there, though, nothing really landed on me.  I went back to The Drama Book Shop and bought the play of "The Normal Heart".  I read that on Friday evening and then wrote a two page scene of my own.  I was already invested in the story, being Albert's Mother, in "The Normal Heart". It didn't make sense to me to prepare a scene from another play, nor did I have time to prepare a scene before Monday...more 

Husband & Business Partner? Top 6 Ways To Make It Work

Before Step 1.  Marry a really nice guy who loves your dirty drawers.  Loves the Lord like you do. Who is quick to forgive and willing to apologize, a man who loves to see you happy. A man who is comfortable in his own skin. Marry that guy.  And choose to love him daily.  Love is a choice. A verb. Do it. 

It Takes A Villiage Roz & Craig Wedding .jpeg

12 years ago today I married my husband. I had no idea that we would make a business together. Newsflash - When your husband becomes your business partner you will be spending a lot of time together. People see that and wonder.

A FAQ that I get is how do you work with a husband who is business partner? My normal response is I don’t know. If I had gun to my head or better yet there was 1 million dollars on the line, I would give it a more thoughtful answer.

So after thinking about it, here are my top 6 responses. I found that they are the same reasons I married him.

  1. We are big believers in each other’s talent. When I read one of my husband scripts I am truly awestruck by how talented he is. And it doesn’t hurt that he writes strong central female characters. Inspired by yours truly.
  2. He makes me a better person because overall we are stronger as a couple than I was as an individual. His strengths compliment my weaknesses. For instance generosity. Craig is always giving money to other people’s film projects. I am very stingy.
  3. I really trust him. Like with my life. He has gotten us out of some sticky situations. He knows how to walk away from a fight. And when not to.
  4. We agree that partnership is a 100/100 effort (not the more popular 50/50), we fall short and we don’t keep score.
  5. Compatibility. We are able to travel together peacefully. It’s a you and me against the world kind of thing with us. We are committed to being each other’s soft place to fall. This is crucial when we work together on set.
  6. One more. He is an optimist and I am a cautious person. It seems to be the right level of risk taking for our creative lifestyle business. And he's always willing to learn more, to grow and so am I.
Love Roz

Friends with No Benefits

Had a very lovely shoot this past weekend. Our client was very focused and professional, he had a very clear vision of his product and it's value, he'd been working on it for 40 years and I was grateful that he asked me to help him facilitate his vision. 

I hired a very small efficient and respectful crew, we came up with a plan of action and we set it in motion. The only thing I was not in charge of was the on air talent, a friend of the client, whom he had known had taken many workshops with, was familiar with her temperament and her work ethic: they were good friends. 

We got through the shoot pretty smoothly, I was able to help him communicate his teachings to the camera and with his friend as his assistant and demonstrator, I thought he was really able to bring to life the passion for his work and this technique that has taken him a life time to develop. 

It was the first of a two-day shoot, we finished the day, no problem. We wrapped. He was gracious and thankful, as were we, and we set a call time for the following week.

The next day I'm on another shoot, I get an email from the client. It seems his friend, his on-camera assistant and demonstrator, that is in 75 percent of the shots, called and said she didn't feel comfortable and that she didn't want the footage to be used. EVER!


Our client had no contract with his friend, no waiver, no agreement, nothing in writing, it was his friend, it never occurred to him that he would need it, until he did.

Now he's stuck and he's decided since this is his friend, he'll honor her wish. Does he have to?

Allergic To Nuts - TV Pilot

A Tasty Sexy Comedy

Created by Craig T. Williams & Rosalyn Coleman Williams 

Allergic To Nuts is a half hour comedy set in bustling New York City. Lavita Johns a pessimist with a sunny disposition is on the mends from a messy contentious divorce. Having been knocked off the social register, she’s reinventing herself with a cautious gusto and a passion for cooking.  And make no mistake about it Lavita can burn! Being in the kitchen rescued her sanity when her marriage was faltering, which was pretty much from the beginning. A natural caretaker with a husband who was allergic to anything with taste, she taught herself to make outstanding gluten free, dairy free, shellfish free, nut free recipes that brought every gathering to another level.

Casting Series


Created by Damian Bailey

Red Wall Productions 

is seeking talent for the series



Starring Damian Bailey

Written by Craig T. Williams and Damian Bailey

Directed by Rosalyn Coleman Williams. 

Shooting begins mid March.

Sex addicted, complex detective Marc Justice, searches for the killer of his wife.


ROSA – No nonsense, by the book kinda cop with a maternal bent. She is fit and sexy. Can look great in pants and a blazer by day, and is just as comfortable in a tight red dress at night. Years of fending off not so subtle sexism have made her the least favorite cop at the precinct. Justice's partner, on the job they are a well oiled machine. Off the job things between them get messy. (MUST BE COMFORTABLE WITH SIMULATED SEX - NO NUDITY) Female Latina or Asian 30-35 (CAST)

NOLA – A fragile bird, with a steel gaze. Sassy and street wise, her dreams of stardom have given way to the quick fix of dangerous men and even more dangerous drugs.  She holds the key to Justice finding the killer of his wife. (CAST)

KARA - Owner of an outside the norm brothel. She's a smart business woman and her business is depravity.  If you can dream it, she'll do it. Her threshold for kinky is high and Justice is a regular. (MUST BE COMFORTABLE WITH SIMULATED SEX - NO NUDITY) Female - Any ethnicity 25-30 (CAST)

JADE - A feisty practical around the way girl. Wise beyond her years, she provides the calm safe haven for Justice. The long suffering mistress, she wants more from Justice. And is at the point where she'll do what she has to do to make him hers. (MUST BE COMFORTABLE WITH SIMULATED SEX - NO NUDITY)  Female - African American 25-30 (CAST)

LIEUTENANT GINA CALABRESE – Bold, sharp. Newly promoted to her position and out to prove herself. There's only one way to do it, her way. Female - Any Ethnicity 40-50 (CAST)

DAVICH - A bruising henchman with a thick European accent. He hurts people for a living. Scars from many battles. Male - White 30's -40's (CAST)



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Auditions February 29, 2012 - by appointment only.

New Photo Shoot

Crystal Blake shot us the whole Red Wall Team yesterday in our efforts to grow the company we wanted to present power fun images of who we are and where we are going.  The photo shoot was a blast.  We can't wait to share the photos.  Now we have a few behind the scene shots.  Vanessa Thorpe shot the behind the scenes.  And by the way we are producing her short film developed right here at RWPS.  


Next Up For Red Wall is ....A Web Series.

The is very funny. It confirms that the we are making the right decision to make a very well written (stars and new talent mixed) web series.  We are all ready to go.  Short and funny. I can't wait to start.  There is inspiration all around me. The goal is to release it on November 17, 2011.