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BRUJAS - Writer/Director: Michael Wells

“Brujas” is a darkly comedic, fantasy drama set in the Bronx. On the dusk of her abuela’s death, a teen misfit is sent to live with estranged family who teach her the family secrets and expose her to the true nature of her reality in a magically macabre world she never knew existed.

Shooting pitch scenes for this TV series.

June 21st, 2017 7:00 – 10:00 PM
Central Midtown Location - By appointment ONLY

Shoot Date: June 24th, 2017 - New York City
SOFIA  Latina, Female - [AGE: 16-20]
Sofía, she's nerdy, but you only know it by having a conversation with her. Very inquisitive but she never asks the right questions. Good and bad aren't black and white for her..... she lives in shades of gray.  Sofia has just lost her abuela, the only person she’s known as a guardian. Her life changes quickly as she issent to live with her estranged aunt. Without her abuela present to shield her from the family secrets, Sofía is hurled into a macabre “underworld” where she learns about herself and her place in this new found world.

MR. BAPTISTE, Black, Male -AGE: 65-80 - Ability to speak - Haitian/French
Mr. Baptiste, easy irritated, sharp tongued, finds pleasure in odd things. (ex. He likes cigars, but is tickled by the fact they come in odd flavors.... even though the flavored ones are shitty cigars.) He is a colleague and old family friend of Sofía’s abuela. When things begin to change for Sofía he becomes her unofficial guide through it all. He is a dapper Haitian gentleman that prefers to speak French at times. He guides Sofía by indirectly providing her with wisdom through his strange proverbs.

Production location: NYC
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