Canon Holiday Content Creation Challenge

A Digital Actors' Thanksgiving #poor #friendsgiving  #newstudio #drool #THIRSTAY 

A Digital Actors' Thanksgiving #poor #friendsgiving  #newstudio #drool #THIRSTAY 

Christmas Tales: Danger, Diapers, and a Drum set

Late at night over the holiday vacation

Were three young boys who wanted a standing ovation

They created a movie while their mother was sound asleep

About Santa Claus, Christmas, and a mischievous, naughty thief


The oldest was dressed all jolly and fat

A red outfit, a beard, a sash and a hat

The middle acted out as a big bad robber

While the youngest was simply the videographer


Santa was abducted and pushed off the roof

But his fall wasn't Oscar worthy, only the biggest spoof

So casting was changed, along with costumes and roles

The oldest the bad guy and now the middle jumping to a mattress hole


His fall was epic, award winning, five stars

But he landed on his wrist instead of landing on mars

To the hospital they went with laughter and tears

For no Christmas before had two Santas in one year.


Bryant Montalvo


Every Christmas Eve of my entire life, I have attended Christmas Mass in the one room church of my dad's hometown in Iowa. My second Christmas Eve Mass, I felt particularly rowdy. Perhaps it was because I was not yet old enough to understand what the priest was saying, perhaps it was because I possessed a free spirit even at two years old, or perhaps it was because the giant Christmas tree beside the alter called to me with the true  Christmas spirit. As the Priest began the Homily I slipped from my parents' watchful eyes and skillfully snuck my way to the giant Christmas tree. There, in front of the entire solemn congregation, I laid beneath the Christmas Tree and lifted my Christmas dress over my head to reveal my Christmas diaper to all of my new friends watching in the pews. To my dismay, my mother has since ensured that did not become a holiday tradition. 

     Dominique Roberts


Christmas was like a huge deal in my family, any holiday, birthday, anything was fully celebrated. So, one Christmas I really wanted a drum set because… I played the drums? No. I did not play the drums. I was like Yeah I’m gonna take drum lessons mom and dad! (Lies.) Meanwhile, like, all my other Chirstmas presents were anything Barbie. I would go to Toys’ R Us and run down the Barbie aisle picking out the Barbies I wanted. In the mall back home, I would full on SPRINT once we rounded the corner before the Barbie store with the columns of floating Barbie shoes. Anyway, so one Christmas I just really wanted a drum set. Christmas morning, and every morning, I was up the earliest. I would tip toe down the stairs and see the trees glistening in the living room and my heart would jump seeing all the presents under the tree. That morning I saw the drum set I was estatic. I ran upstairs to wake up my sister. After opening all the presents, I sat down to have my first go at the drums. This was the best present ever… I was a rockstar. And I never played those drums again.

      Alexandra Petrullo