Acting in the Digital Age

Rosalyn Coleman Williams

@irozapp Twitter 

@roz2010 instagram 917-363-6640

Course Description

In this class students will learn how to empower themselves as artist using social media and digital tools to express themselves authentically, create relationships, build a fan base and get work as an actor. Students will learn to embrace technology as a platform and tool. This class will focus on nontraditional ways to get access to the entertainment industry. Each student will leave with clear goals, strategy, and tools in place from which to begin their career. They will have an understanding of their brand. Students will see themselves as the entrepreneur/Artist. They will begin their professional artistic journey. This class will focus on low-cost and free ways to achieve these goals. The class will create a shared resource bible.

Course topics for semester 1 


  1. Type, Essence, brand.
  2. Untraditional ways to get jobs in show business.
  3. A target list of people to work with, Strategies to Create relationships with them.

Course Objectives

Successful completion of this course will allow to the student to:

Use digital media to market the real-world acting skills. Identify and market to their tribe.
State their short-term and long-term goals.

Course Requirements


Class will typically be divided between a session all together with the professor, and then a session of project work. All students are required to attend each class, even when the session is project work. Time keeping is a major contributor to both your final grade, as well as a key marker to your level of professionalism in the industry. 3 ‘lates’ become an absence. 2 absences lower you a letter grade.

Research & Contribute To The Company Bible Digital Once a week.

The Weekly Assignments

1. Mission statement, Short-term long-term goals
2. Performer bio. & personal story
3. Resume/one sheet

4. Headshots ( homemade ) challenge
5. 5. Reel - Auditions on tape
6. Voiceover demo: Traditional Voice Over
Audiobooks Demo
Singing demo
7. Social media presence
Create social media accounts and populate them with the entertainment industry, Link



8. Make a contribution to the entertainment industry it must be unique personal delightful and useful (Use your special skills)

9. Mailing list of friends family fans contacts in the industry

10. Set up Email service mail Chimp Or constant contact

11. Fan letter - Ways to communicate

12. Identify industry standards on the Internet. Information sites. Join the necessary evils. Actors access, IMDb, Casting networks, etc.

13. Internet Home. Tumbler, & Domain name

Class Assignments

Each week students will have In class review of assignments & feedback. These projects will require a camera and/or a laptop.  This course takes place in public, like any show you will be on stage, the internet and graded by the work you produce there.

Using Technology and Software

Together we will come up with the best tools which you will master to get the task done.

You will need to bring TBA when needed:

    - A cellphone with a camera 

    - A laptop, tablet or both
Personal Technology/Software
All cellphones are banned from being ‘active’ in class. That means no ringers, alerts or vibrating functions. You are encouraged, however, to use the camera in your phone.
*notes to all students:
1 – Classroom activities will be taped or recorded by a student for the personal use of that student, you may share your own image or work anyway you want. Do not share or post anyone else’s image for any reason. Each student it responsible for their own social media management and following the rules of the website.

2 – The New Studio Broadway is committed to providing the fullest learning experience to all students.


10% Weekly Assignments 10% Class Participation 80% Project work

A- Exceptional work that consistently exceeds the standard expected of students of New Studio Broadway

B- Good work which meets the standard expected of students of New Studio Broadway

C- Work below the standard expected of New Studio Broadway

D- Work markedly below the standard of New Studio Broadway 

F-Failing Grade - any required course must be repeated