Hello 2014 Fall Class 1 notes & homework


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Class 1. Roz Notes



NYU 2014  AIDA. Course 


What is your vision statement as an artist? 


The vision? What does it look like?  


to create a digital experience of Themselves as an artist. 


Learn to create relationships online. 


Find work as an actor online. 


Create a social media strategy. 


Share valuable actor resources. 


1. Mission statement, Short-term long-term goals

2. Performer bio. Vs.    personal story

3. Resume/one sheet

4. Headshots ( homemade ) challenge 

5. Reel - Auditions on tape 

6. Voiceover demo: Traditional Voice Over 

Audiobooks Demo

Singing demo

7. Social media presence

Create social media accounts and populate them with the entertainment industry,  Link them

8. Make a contribution to the entertainment industry it must be unique personal delightful and useful (Use your special skills)

9. Mailing list of friends family fans contacts in the industry

10. Set up Email service mail Chimp Or constant contact

11. Fan letter -  Ways to communicate

12. Identify industry standards on the Internet. Information sites. Join the necessary evils. Actors access, IMDb, Casting networks,  etc.

13. Internet Home. Tumbler, About.me  & Domain name


On camera introductions.

Who are you/what is your current internet presence.   note: You will be graded by your growth. 

1 interesting fact.

What do you want  learn in AIDA.


Homework: introduction on Instagram.  



 Adjective or adjective phrase  descriptions.