Seeking Actors for Bank Industrial

New York City ONLY - Shooting May 20th and 21st, Friday and Saturday. 
For Bill, Charles and Dennis, we would like to see demo reels or a link of some kind in addition to a head shot.
This is an internal company video.
Here’s a brief breakdown:
Business Team:
Bill Halleren: white, 50's
Charles Kees:  African-American, 35-40ish
Dennis Murphy: white, 45ish
Andrew: Asian, 30's
Tina: British accent but ethnicity is open, 40
Natalie:  ethnicity is open, 34
FBI (white):
2 men, White - 35-45
1 woman, White - 30-40

4 other executive types,  White - 35-50, 3male, 1 female (background)

Non-Union - Pay

Please send headshots/resume and reels to: Casting Closed.

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