Casting Short Film - Seeking Indian Actors

Bombay to New York

Avinash (already cast, do not submit) and Danika are trying their best to avoid an arranged marriage. Living busy New York lives, these two feisty young professionals show no interest in traditional ways or each other. But their parents have other ideas. Both sets of parents skype them all at once from Bombay to give them an ultimatum, make a decision about your future right now, or face the consequences.

Written and Produced by Craig T. Williams

Directed by Rosalyn Coleman Williams

Shoot date: Saturday and Sunday - May 28 and 29th. Must be available both dates in New York City.

Union and Non-Union -

Producer will secure SAG/AFTRA Short Film Agreement.



Danika - 20's, Indian/South Asian, ambitious, traditional, a model who wants more out of life than just being told what to wear and where to stand.

Danika's Mother - 40's - 50's -  Indian/South Asian, modern, artistic, you can see where Danika gets her sense of style.

Danika's Father -  50's - Indian/South Asian, sweet, smart kind man. With him, Danika can get away with murder.

Avinash's Mother - 40's - 50's - Indian/South Asian, old fashioned, soft spoken, but never quiet. She speaks her mind.

Avinash's Father - 50's - Indian/South Asian, stern, big presence, what he wants, he gets .... Ususally

Auditions - Friday May 13.

Please send headshot/resume and reels to: Casting Closed.

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