Free Screenplays 2014


What makes a great writer? Reading!!

I think it's important to do all kinds of reading, fiction, non-fiction, comics, graphic novels, newspapers (are there any left) and even blogs, but for us screenwriters I think it's most important to read other screenplays.

You'll learn:

  1. How scenes are mapped on the page.
  2. How characters are introduced.
  3. How action is written.

As you read through a screenplay keep note of:

  1. Pacing. Does it make you want to turn the page?
  2. Setting. Is the writer giving you a sense of time and place?
  3. Tone. Do the comedies read funny? Do thrillers feel suspenseful? Do dramas feel dramaful?(OK that's not a word, but I was on a roll.)

So to that end I've come across a list of screenplays of movies for 2014.

If you've seen the movie - how does reading it compare to what you saw?
If you haven't seen the movie - see it, how does the movie compare to what you read?

Then I would suggest writing a paragraph or two about your observations. Because writers write right??

What's your favorite movie? Have you read the screenplay?

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Write On, Write On!