Actors - Have you lost the fight? 🎭🎬πŸŽ₯πŸ˜βœ°πŸ’―

You can't get a yes and you desperately need one.
A yes from that casting director.
A yes for that call back.
A yes for that booking.
You deserve a YES!

How do you get a yes?
You have to fight for it.
Fight with your talent.
Fight with your gift.
Fight with hard work.

I'm Roz Coleman and I've been fighting with and for actors for 25 years.
When I graduated Yale Drama School, I promised myself that I would be the last person standing.
This is my craft, this is what I want to do and no matter what this was a fight I was going to stay in.

That fight is what I bring to my classes. Especially my Advanced On Camera Acting Class.
When I started this class almost 10 years ago, it was simply a technique class.  
I saw that actors needed so much more.
These trained gifted actors were bruised and battered and defeated by all the rejection.
They were doubting their talent and their purpose. 
They had lost their passion
They had no plan.

Because I LOVE teaching and sharing and talking a lot of sh*t, I know I had something to share with them - INFORMATION!
I'm a working actor who is on set, in rehearsal, making self-tapes, getting callbacks, getting rejected and booking! 
And I bring all that INFORMATION to you.

  • How to break down those sides

  • How to make strong character choices

  • How to fight your nerves

  • How to make those nerves work for you

  • How to rediscover the joy in acting

Here's what some from my last class have shared:

"I feel like I have a new set of wings and I'm ready to fly. So inspired and energized - Roz your joy is infectious! My auditions have been great and full of life - and I am thrilled to share I booked a great part in a Netflix mini series with Octavia Spencer - Thank You" - KH

Roz, you are a miracle worker! Learning to breathe again! Inspirational beyond boundaries. So blessed to have found you. - SS

I can't thank you enough, Roz! I learned soooo much from you! I got called & booked 5 films this past year....." DM

Everything I know and that I've learned I share with you. EVERYTHING.
I want to empower you with knowledge of your craft and of your gift.

My next Advanced On Camera Acting Class starts September 9 - 4 weeks.

2 classes to chose from 1pm or 7pm.
Classes are 3 hours.
In person, In New York. In midtown Manhattan.

We begin each session with marketing and business questions:
Finding auditions
Maximize your social media pages
Prepare for that manager meeting or an agent meeting
Do you need new headshots? I just took some, what do you like.
What does my reel say about me? How do I get one?
Can I talk about the bad/great/disappointing/weird audition I had this week?
The answer to all that is YES. I want to empower you. 
So I've created this safe working space where I will always find a way to say YES.

Everyone works, every week, every class.
You can bring sides from auditions you are having or have had or I can provide you with sides.

I'm offering this class, not for $ΜΆ6ΜΆ0ΜΆ0ΜΆ but for $387. 
Offer expires Friday, August 23rd Midnight.

This class is hand picked by me. Unfortunately I cannot accept everyone,
If we have not worked together, you must send me your headshot/resume.

I'm looking for trained actors, I'm looking for actors with working experience.
I'm looking for you to be ready to get back into the fight.

If you're ready to fight - email me ASAP - - and say Roz, I'm ready to FIGHT!


PS. I'm thrilled to share that I'll be joining the cast of To Kill A Mockingbird on Broadway in October. So this may be my last class for a while.