Struggle. Finally Back in iTunes

I wanted an app. I had an app. It was so easy.  Then iOS 8 came along and it's gotten really hard.  It's always been hard to get a developer but I was lucky because I had a friend.  Then he moved on.  It was hard again. I had to scale it back,  now it's just a podcast again.  5-10mins 5 days  a week.  That's  the goal.  I will answer your acing questions.  Of course my partner in  crime, CTW, will be guest often and whoever is brave enough to take on working for me....they will be there too. 

So yeah.  Ask me a question. I am so excited to serve actors who need that push to move forward.  What do you need help  with?  What are your challenges?  Is there something holding you back.  

You ask me on www.irozapp/com   or anywhere I am.  And I will answer.  




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