Sometimes you gotta take a chance...

Dear Mr. Tyler Perry,  

My friend Michelle Graci just visited you on your  private island and told me that she spoke of my  filmmaking work to you. 

Is it true? Do you really have an island?! Did Michelle *(bless her sweet heart)* really talk to you about my directing? 

If  it's all true, I am honored to have an excuse to reach out to you.  

**I love your movies and plays!**
The elements you weave together are universal. Good, evil, rich, poor, sex and music.  Just saw the movie **Temptation** and loved it. It reminded me of my all-time favorite movie **Lady sings the blues.** I am trying to play with these same elements in my web series [JUSTICE]( It's got a ways to go.

As one who longs to do what you do, I thank you for your writing directing and acting.
The body of your life's work shows how you love your audience. 

 **Just one or two more things to thank  you for**.

- Your life's transparency, allowing us to witness your journey and not playing like you  had it easy. 

- Thank you for taking time out of your busy successful life to inspire artists like me. 

I watch your videos and I'm on your mailing list. I read your articles. Right now I am trying  to do just one thing and let God multiply my kingdom.  I appreciate your efforts and pray that you have the energy, passion, and  fortitude to continue the work. 
I hope this letter reaches your eyeballs & your heart.

Mad respect,

[Rosalyn Coleman Williams](

*Fav moments in Temptation**

* The party scene through the end of the breakup.

* From when she went to pick up her computer thru him punching her.

* The introduction of coke into her world.