Our very good friend Director Randy Dottin is producing the New York Film Academy Graduation Screenplay Readings this Friday, September 18th from 7pm - 9pm.  

Looking for very talented actors.

The reading is a great opportunity for actors to put in some work as well as meet new writers and directors. 

Here are the loglines and cast breakdowns: 

1.) NATASHA by Vineet Sawant 

Logline: A young modern Indian woman does her best to create her life despite her parents wishes to have her stuck in the past. 

Cast Breakdown 

NATASHA: - A 26 year old INDIAN girl.  She comes from a moderately conservative family. She herself is pretty modern and forward thinking. She wears fashionable clothes, goes out partying, consumes alcohol, smokes weed, but her family is completely oblivious of this part of her life. She has a career, which she worked hard for, and she is ambitious. She wants to achieve success in her professional career.

GRANNY: - Natasha’s Granny is 75 years old. She is the matriarch of the family. She is highly opinionated, highly vocal, and very conservative. She doesn’t like anyone questioning her authority. She is the one who still controls the family business, which is basically exporting and importing of Indian good to the USA. This is the reason her entire family, including her sons, is normally very meek in front of her.

She is based in Pune, India for a major part of the year. But she visits her son, Suresh, who is based in New Jersey on a regular basis. She is just recently come to New Jersey for Natasha’s arranged marriage proposal meeting.

SURESH: - Natasha’s uncle, 50. He takes care of the USA operations of their family business. He has been in USA for the last 25-30 years or so. He is very fond of Natasha, and considers her as his own daughter. He is extremely protective of Natasha. But at the same time, he fears Granny a lot.

URVASHI: - Suresh’s wife, 46. She was born and educated in India. She came to USA after she got married to Suresh. She is affectionate towards Natasha. Since she knows that Granny is so authoritative, she tries to stay out of Granny’s path. But she is very respectful towards Granny.

PRIYA: - Suresh’s daughter, 24. She has been born and brought up in USA. She finished her education in Media Studies, and works as a copywriter in an agency in Jersey. She was always close to Natasha. She got closer after Natasha came to USA, because finally she had access to a cousin her own age, closer to her. They are in constant touch with each other.

TIKKU: - Suresh’s son, 18. He just finished high school, and is looking at colleges to get into. Suresh would like his son to go to an ivy league college. Tikku loves hip hop music, and would prefer to become a musician instead, which is something that Suresh doesn’t approve of. But since Tikku is afraid of Granny, he hasn’t brought up the topic just yet.

RAMESH: - Natasha father, 53. He is based in Mumbai, India. He takes care of the India operations of their family business. He is extremely fond and possessive of Natasha. He has been missing her since she went off to USA. And he has turned to eating sweets and chocolates to console himself, whenever he misses her. he is very childlike, and can be very blunt sometimes, a characteristic he has inherited from Granny.

SUSHMA: - Natasha’s mother, 50. She is the mature one between her and Ramesh. She is level headed. She is the emotional support for Natasha. And unlike Granny, she is not conservative. She is the one who encouraged Natasha to pursue her education. And she is extremely proud of everything that Natasha has achieved on her own.

RAHUL: - 28. He is the boy who has come with the arranged marriage proposal for Natasha. He is extremely meek, and shy. He has studied finance from Harvard University, and works as a consultant for Pricewaterhouse Coopers.

BIPIN: - Rahul’s father, 55. He is the patriarch of the family. He is the one who takes the final call on everything, and the others of the family generally do whatever he tells them to do. He dabbles in a few businesses, like trading of stocks, logictics and warehousing, precious stones and metals, etc. He is very wealthy. He is a very confident man, who likes to impose himself on others around him. He thinks he has a great sense of humour.

MONA: - Bipin’s wife, 52. She is the perfect support for her husband. She is proud of everything that her husband and her son have achieved in life. She thinks that her son is a very big commodity, because of his education and career. She is not afraid to say that any girl would be lucky to marry her son. And she believes that her son can command a hefty dowry when he does marry.


2) ITALIAN An original pilot by KELSEY SMITH

Logline: A young woman is forced to move back in with the family she despises.

Cast Breakdown: 

Frankie "Francesca" Winters- (F, 24) A mature and polished aspiring fashion designer.

Angelo Racalmuto – (M, late 40s) Frankie’s father; a retired policeman and devoted, loving father with a stubborn, tough-exterior.

Maria Racalmuto – (F, 40s) Frankie’s mother; a frustrated, tough loving, cosmetic saleswoman.

Michael “Mikey” Racalmuto - (M, 18) – Frankie’s brother; Relaxed and sarcastic but very responsible; star of his high school football team.

June Racalmuto – (F, 60s) – Frankie’s grandmother; Competitive, strict, and religious.

Gino Racalmuto - (M, 60s) Frankie’s grandfather; Outspoken, funny, and reminiscent on “the old days.”

Annette - (F, 70s) Frankie’s grandmother; losing her hearing and memory.

Lisa - (F, 40s) Frankie’s aunt; A compulsive liar and story teller.

Tony – (M, 40s) Frankie’s uncle; a mysterious, quiet character who always seems to disappear during family events.

Sofia - (F, 20s) – Frankie’s cousin; A ditzy, tacky, yet beautiful, aspiring model.

Joey - (M, 17) Frankie’s cousin; an immature, rebellious stoner.

Piper Stevens – (F, 30s) Frankie’s boss; A spoiled and conceited mother of three and a terribly bad actress.

send headshot and resumes to: Parts have been cast.