CASTING - New York Film Academy

Our very good friend Director Randy Dottin (Student Academy Award Winner for his short film A-Alike) is directing and casting the Screenplay Readings for first Year Screenwriting Program at NY Film Academy.
The screenplay readings will take place Thursday, May 28th from 7pm to 9pm at the Battery Park campus of New York Film Academy – at 17 Battery Place.
There will be a rehearsal on Wednesday, May 27th from 6pm to 8pm at the Battery Park Campus of New York Film Academy.

It's a great opportunity for actors to network with writers, directors as well as get some work in.


The Battle Between Sisters by Yue Xu

Jenny -  Chinese, 19 years old, short hair. A hardworking, energetic and earnest student who always encounters a string of bad luck.
Sabrina - Chinese, 23 years old. She's the ultimate city girl who is all about achieving the finer things in life.                                                                                                                             Grandfather - Chinese, 75 years old, gracious.

Nina and the Bear by Natalia DeSilva

Any ethnicity . . .

Nina Russo (late 20’s) - Smart, sensible and grounded. She is the rock that sustains her crazy family and she loves it. She likes feeling needed and she is very quick at solving practical situations, but nobody understands what she feels, not even her longtime boyfriend Charlie. In the scene, the whole family turns to her to know if they have the 40K.

Gloria Russo (late 50’s) – Nina and Tony’s mother. Explosive & charming. She works as a psychic, but she doesn’t know much about it and lives on what she makes with groups of German tourists that a friend brings her. Her husband used to do everything for her, but now that he is dead, she needs Nina. She always makes remarks about Charlie’s butt.

Tony Russo (mid 30’s) – Nina’s brother. He used to be popular in high school. Now he works at a garage and wears exactly the same ‘Nirvana’ and ‘Red Hot Chilly Peppers’ T-shirts that he used to wear at high school. He is used to having someone who does everything for him. First Nina and now his wife Helen. Tony and Helen have a 6 year-old kid, Simon.

Helen (mid 30’s) – Nina’s sister-in-law. For most part of the story, Helen just says ‘yes’. This changes at the end, when she finds out that Tony cheated on her and this makes her talk. We find out that she is very articulate... and bossy.

Charlie (late 20’s) – Dumb but sweet. Charlie is a painter. He only paints unicorns. He only sold one painting to a drunk German guy... by mistake. He is very innocent, but he likes Nina and is ready to do anything for her.

Carlo (mid 50’s) – Mob representative. He is like the lawyer in The Godfather, but in a decadent family that desperately tries to be popular on Facebook. He is very eloquent and looks like an insurance agent.

Fabio (mid 20’s) – Carlo’s nephew. He is rough and lacks his uncle’s finesse. He loses his temper very quickly and is used to solve his problems appealing to violence.

Deathly Possessions by Saanya Dua

Raya (Indian) - 20s a hard charging photojournalist who will stop at nothing to get her scoop. She's hiding a big secret about her past.

Diandra (Indian) - (20s) A beautiful young woman who flaunts her beauty to hide her insecurity.

Brian (White) - (late 20s) A male diva in the truest sense of the word - though he doesn't have a clue.

Ronnie (50s - White) - The wise one . . . though he typically needs to be pushed to reveal his most valuable bits of wisdom.

Dr. Sharma (Indian 30s) - A concerned and sensitive doctor. Cares for his patients to the point where he is not afraid to tell the truth.

Ariel (20s White) - A receptionist at the doctor's office who doesn't care about ruffling peoples feathers . . . when she feels like it.

Contact: Randy Dottin - - Tell him Craig and Roz from Red Wall sent you.