Casting: Mental Health Outreach

We are creating a mental health outreach commercial to encourage users to reach out to a support line when they are experiencing issues. Actors will need to show emotional anguish (depression, anxiety, sadness) in a realistic way in a non-speaking role (some will have minimal dialogue) through various scenarios. This will be print and local (New York City, market) commercials.

Actor / Casting Specifics (Subject to change).

- Chinese Female 65+ (depression spot)

- Chinese Male 20-40yrs (Anxiety spot)

- White Female 20-30yrs (Opioid addiction spot)

- Hispanic or mixed Hispanic/White Male 30-40yrs (Alcohol abuse spot)

- Black or mixed Hispanic/Black Male playing a 13-17yrs (Prefer over 18 actor passable for teen) (LGBTQ/Identity crisis spot)

- Black or mixed Hispanic/Black Female 20-30yrs (Depressed/stressed mother spot)

Auditions will be September 7-9, in New York City, local hire only! You will be notified after Labor Day if Producers would like to see you.

Shoot dates: September 15 and 16. In New York City.


Email headshot and resume, as an attachment to email, please do not send links to other websites with your headshot and resume, it must be attached to the email.

If you have a reel, send a link to the reel, do not attach to email.

Compensation up to $1500 - Buyout

Send materials: - Subject: Mental Health Outreach