This is NOT a Red Wall Production


SEEKING AFRICAN AMERICAN ACTORS & ACTRESS 30-50 for our REBIRTH Series FEBRUARY: Comedic scene from RAISING ARIZONA by Joel & Ethan Cohen, directed by Damian Bailey

REBIRTH will be a yearly series of scenes reenacted and recreated for artist development to utilize their talents for their reels, with a tiny budget. One day shoot. Pay. Union/Non Union.

Seeking the role of HYDE / H.I- compassionate and weak minded ex con, he's been busted from his wife for robbing a liquor store and is offered a life changing opportunity from his best friends that will change his life for the better or the worst. Role originally played by Nicholas Cage.

ED-small but tough, no nonsense wife and new mom, is fed up with Hyde's short comings and the friends that lead him to a dangerous path. Role originally played by Holly Hunter

GALE SNOATS-Thug, escaped convict who tries to be intellectual at all times. He has a plan to rob a bank along with his brother Evelle and Hyde. Role played by John Goodman

EVELLE SNOATS-Younger Brother of Gale, dopey, uneducated but great in assisting his brother in a life of crime. Role played by William Forestye

Please send REELS to if selected you will be asked to do a skype live audition.

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