Casting Short Film - Seeking Indian Actors

Bombay to New York

Avinash (already cast, do not submit) and Danika are trying their best to avoid an arranged marriage. Living busy New York lives, these two feisty young professionals show no interest in traditional ways or each other. But their parents have other ideas. Both sets of parents skype them all at once from Bombay to give them an ultimatum, make a decision about your future right now, or face the consequences.

Written and Produced by Craig T. Williams

Directed by Rosalyn Coleman Williams

Shoot date: Saturday and Sunday - May 28 and 29th. Must be available both dates in New York City.

Union and Non-Union -

Producer will secure SAG/AFTRA Short Film Agreement.



Danika - 20's, Indian/South Asian, ambitious, traditional, a model who wants more out of life than just being told what to wear and where to stand.

Danika's Mother - 40's - 50's -  Indian/South Asian, modern, artistic, you can see where Danika gets her sense of style.

Danika's Father -  50's - Indian/South Asian, sweet, smart kind man. With him, Danika can get away with murder.

Avinash's Mother - 40's - 50's - Indian/South Asian, old fashioned, soft spoken, but never quiet. She speaks her mind.

Avinash's Father - 50's - Indian/South Asian, stern, big presence, what he wants, he gets .... Ususally

Auditions - Friday May 13.

Please send headshot/resume and reels to: Casting Closed.

Confidence. Craft. Career.


For 15 years, Craig and Roz of Red Wall Productions have been empowering actors with casting, classes and industry information. Enter your info and join our list.We're excited to share everything we know with you on your journey to meaningful work and success. And it's FREE! You want in?

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Posting for Colleagues


Indian American actress for the role below. Auditions are April 4. Shoot is April 9 or 10.

Non-union - Pay $50

 A Web Series called Keep Me Posted. Here's the logline: Three childhood best friends stay in near-constant contact via texts and social media as they help each other stumble towards adulthood. But when their lives take off in different directions, the technology that used to keep them close begins to create distance, and they’re faced with the question - is there really a such thing as “friends forever?”


Kavita, mid-20s - (Indian American) Bubbly and social, Kavita’s the kind of person who can makes anyone she meets feel like they’re talking to an old friend. Usually. But she couldn’t land a job after grad school, and moving back into her parents’ home in the suburbs plunged her into a funk. When she finally lands a job and moves in with her best friend, she’s dismayed to find that having the perfectly crafted life doesn’t chase away the gloom, and she’s confronted with the fact that her temporary ‘funk,’ may actually be something more. - contact - Hillary Nussbaum -

Casting for our final Real Mommy Confessions shoot for season 2.

Mom: mid 40s - any ethnicity

Tween Boy: 11-13 any ethnicity - must be comfortable in front of a camera but able to act shy and timid.

Baby: 6months - 1 year old.

SAG New Media Contract but will consider Non-Union for children.


Confidence. Craft. Career.


For 15 years, Craig and Roz of Red Wall Productions have been empowering actors with casting, classes and industry information. Enter your info and join our list.We're excited to share everything we know with you on your journey to meaningful work and success. And it's FREE! You want in?

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We Thrive Print Campaign - Many TYPES

We Thrive Print Campaign - Many TYPES

Casting 911 - We Thrive Print Campaign.

Seeking many, many types, NYC Print Campaign - We Thrive.

You will be required to go by the midtown Manhattan Advertising Agency, Wednesday, February 24 for a quick in person look. You must be available February 28, 29 or March 1st for the photo shoot. $400 if they chose to take your photo. An additional $600 if they end up using you in the final campaign.

Paid Print Ad - Older Latino Men and Women Needed

Casting Print Campaign to bring awareness to elder abuse.

Seeking:  Latino Men and Women. 70 and above. Very mature, lived in faces. The more life on the face the better.

Please send a recent candid picture of yourself.

No Acting Experience necessary.

Important: If you are not right for this campaign, think about submitting your parents or grandparents. No prior acting experience really necessary as this will be a photo shoot. Just have them send a very recent picture of themselves.

PAY - $750 - Flat Fee

Project is CAST.

Casting - Film Projects


This is not a Red Wall Production.

My friend and fellow filmmaker Randy Dottin is casting again. He's producing shorts for 2 filmmakers at New York Film Academy and they're in need of your talent!!


Logline: A nerdy young man lies to his mom about his new girlfriend panics when she's invited to meet the family.

Synopsis: Benji is a 22-year-old neurotic Jewish boy studying his schoolwork at a quiet bench in the park. He’s enjoying the peace and solitude until Meisha rudely (at least in Benji’s mind) interrupts it. When Meisha makes some snarky remarks about Holden Caulfield (“Cather in the Rye”) it hits a little to close to home for Benji. A debate ensues until Meisha pushes Benji to be less like Holden and finally stand up to his overbearing Jewish mother.

Benji - A thin college age white male who's a neurotic Jewish boy.

Meisha - Young African American woman with a big personality. Braids or dreads a plus. (Early 20's)

Jewish Mother - Benji's overbearing mom who calls and controls his life. The mother scene is a short phone call.


Logline: A couple fed up with cell phone technology must run for their lives as the world around them descends into a cell phone-obsessed trance.

Stephen: Early 20s, charming but judgmental at times. He believes we're all becoming slaves to our cell phones and it bothers him.

Fran: Stephen's girlfriend. She agrees with him, though not as passionately. Fran's greatest virtue is her ability to see the good in all situations.

Send headshots/resumes/reels to: CASTING ENDED



This is Not A Red Wall Production.

Friend and fellow filmmaker Jason Hood is casting his web series - A Pair of Normals. Jason has a web series currently running called “Life After Fat”

Please contact him for any and all information - auditions closed!

SAG new media project, these roles will be paid, auditions will be in October.


Iris: late 20s-early 30s, tall, skinny, awkward, twitchy. Deer in the headlights look. Reacts viscerally to things, tries to act composed but the millions of anxieties swimming around her head tend to bubble to the surface. Kind of like Kristen Wiig playing an Aubrey Plaza character, or Kristen Stewart playing a self-aware parody of herself. Iris is a divorced Youtube psychic who begins the series moving in with her grandmother after release from a mental hospital. Kind of gothy/witchy in appearance, like Stevie Nicks, Dee Dee Penny, or Florence Welch. Likes to hide under layers of black clothing.

Betty: early 20s, short, maybe a bit curvy. Also awkward but in a messy, uncoordinated way as opposed to Iris's hyper-self-awareness. Her self-confidence comes from posturing like Kanye West, and has a strong determination to succeed, even though she has no idea what she's doing. Betty is a destitute college dropout who makes ASMR videos and moves in with Iris after the two hit it off at a vlogger meetup. Looks like a 1980s midwestern housewife with huge glasses, a big rat's nest of hair, and oversized novelty sweaters, which unintentionally looks trendy/hipster in 2015

Xööüëë: early 20s, short-ish and skinny. Aesthetics are important to her. Voice wise she kind of sounds ditsy and drags her words out. May have a vocal fry. And every sentence she says comes up at the end like a question? Her real name Ramona, she's an old acquaintance of Betty's who drags Betty along on adventures and they form a rap duo. Super trendy, kind of ridiculous Bushwick scene style-wise, lots of crazy colors. Looks a bit like Grimes, Charli XCX, MIA