Too sad about the passing of Israel Hicks

This is the only photo I can find of  us together. Sadly.

He really inspired my work and my life.

Israel Hicks was born in Orangeburg, S.C, and was raised in Brooklyn, New York. He graduated from Boston University, earned his master’s at New York University and obtained his law degree from Harvard. He also played professional football for the New England Patriots and ran his own restaurant.

That crazy path to being one of the greatest director of theatre whoever lived. I want to be like him. I want to try many things and use them all to inform my work.

Mr. Hicks’s first marriage ended with the death of his wife, Catherine. They had a daughter, Victoria, who was permanently injured in a 1993 automobile crash and remained in a persistent vegetative state until she died several years later. He is survived by his wife, whom he met in 2001.

His life was special to me because he indured such loss and continued to make art. Such pain with knee replacements, he carried on. I want that strength. And he loved my son and husband. He supported our dreams. He helped us by sharing his experineces with us.

I will miss him so much. Heaven is just crowded. Crowded. They got enough folks up there to make some awesome plays.