New product for actors just getting started- 2011

I am attempting to create a new type of reel for actors looking to get on film for the first time.  It's not a reel like I do with actors who are further along in the career but really a first film experience. It's all an experiment at this point. I am really hoping that I can figure out how to make a low cost high quality film for for beginners.  I am calling them monologue shorts. They take only half a day to shoot and cost less than the other reel products we offer. 


I shot two of them this weekend: The Truth About Blogs written by and starring Kelechi Ezie  and Beaty and Hurts Like Love written by and starring Toni Robeson-May.  


I can't wait to get to the edit to see if they are satisfying to an audience.  More to come...