Just decided which iPad

I think I am going to get the 16 gig with the 3g option. I still have 16 gigs on my iphone (which are filled up) but I do carry movies and full scripts in audio form plus books. I just have to manage what I carry around. That's plenty. I want the 3g option just in case I travel and there's no good wifi. Like at Grandma Louise's house in Detroit there's no wifi. I would pay 14 dollars the months I travel. The only thing that gives me pause about this decision is I have to wait an extra thirty days to get it. Damn. Humph. Back to the drawing board. I am sure I will be drawing on the ipad soon. There's mother's day then my birthday...plus I been saving all this money wearing my real hair (but that's about to change...shhhhhhh don't tell Ctw)

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