Class 2 Videos & Homework

I see how bad you want to improve your on camera skills.  I think this week there has been some nice growth.  Let's keep it going....

Here's some homework to help you practice over the 2 weeks. 

  • Your homework is to identify what worked in your video.  3 things at least.  
  • Then to Tape and post both scenes back to back.  Scene 1 and 2.  you have 2 weeks to do it.   Its' fine to use a iphone. Work in groups.  Upload from a computer to youtube. Unlisted.  Send me the links.  
  • Also watch everyone else work.  Share your 1. thing you learn from each person and 1 thing they could improve upon in your email to me.

The terms to use when you are identifying what worked should ONLY be what comes from what we have worked on.  Opening beat, closing beat, objective, obstacles, listening, beats and transitions, history & personalization. Moment to moment. 

OVERALL.... is the person living the story of the scene. Relating to the environment,