class 2 notes. thank you Emily

What Makes a Great Actor?
Making the other person more important
Being open and available
Inhale and Exhale
Physical awareness
Listening to your scene partner, your director, and your environment
Nonverbal vibration listening
Speech and clarity
trusting the words
freedom of speech/ conversation
need to be understood
trust the text
Script analysis
able to analyze material
read and interpret
make meaning
tell the story
able to transition from work mode/ getting notes/ relaxing/ getting back to the scene
don't get angry
recover and go back to one
Mental Health and Toughness
take care of yourself
it's not a psychotic experience, it's your work, it's craft, it's training
Inner Life/ Connection
given circumstances of the character's life as well as the scene
3D full person
relationships to people and the world
open channel, emotional connection
Ability to make something look effortless
Make us forget they are acting
I don't want to see the homework or the choices
Coordinated/Body Coordination
be the master of your own body
know your instrument
Have a life (real or imagined) that you can use to create from
Be revelatory in public

The 4 Harsh Realities of Acting for the Camera
Do it when they say do it
Do it where they say do it
Do it in front of other people
Do it in spite of how you feel