Advanced On-Camera Acting Is Now Online


1. Your assignments: Sides, script, One Liners, Call backs. arrive in your email.  

2.You put yourself on tape.

3. you upload to Youtube or vimeo and Post the link to the class Site. (You want to share your work in public. :-) 

4. we meet in my cyber playroom  for Feedback.

we Will address Mindset and craft.

review the work and prepare the following week.

With consistent work on your craft and mindset. Your on-camera acting and auditioning will take Off! 

You want audition prep, you want craft work, you want to stay sharp, you want your questions answered, Actor Friendly Pricing. 

Keep Working No Matter Where You are in The world.


You're tired of:

  • Casting Director set ups that get no results
  • Expensive acting workshops
  • Not getting feedback on your work that's specific and helpful
  • Not feeling in control of your career
  • Isolation

This class is designed for:

  • theater actor looking to transition to film and television
  • working actor stuck in an audition rut
  • conservatory trained actor looking to transition to work
  • returning professional or an actor relocating to NY
  • actors looking to make the most out of casting director workshops

Some of the areas addressed:

  • auditioning & working in different genres
  • guest star roles, co-star roles (1-6) lines
  • series regular roles
  • call backs & screen tests
  • career advancement marketing strategies
  • Confidence

What you'll get:

  • On-camera audition practice
  • Actor's Mindset - what's blocking your progress??
  • Individualized tools to sharpen your skills

How The Class Is Delivered:




Questions or more info email -