Six Week Screenwriting Class


Craig T. Williams


You Can't Get Your Script finished.

You’ve had this screenplay idea floating in your head for… years
You get the same feedback about your script over and over and don’t know how to fix it
That writing teacher didn’t get you, wanted to change your story
You can see the movie clearly in your head, but you can’t seem to write it down
You can’t write, you’re stuck


If this is you - Read on!

   There is a way to participate in a creative, safe, nurturing environment where you can speak your ideas,
write your story and develop a clear actionable plan to shoot your film.

If you don't tell that story, somebody else will.

Not writing becomes your status quo
That loud fool in your head keeps telling you - “you can’t write, it’s gonna suck”
You can’t find the time in your schedule
Bills, work, and pretty much everything else stops you from writing
You know your script needs fixing, but you don't know how.
You write by inspiration and you can’t remember the last time you were inspired.


How I Got Over!

Here’s my story: I’m a writer, just like you.
But I’m also a producer and an editor.
I’ve experienced first hand the power of seeing your idea on film in front of an audience.
I started working with other writers and filmmakers to get their films completed and screened for audiences.

  • These writers came to me damaged, frustrated and worn down.
  • They were wasting their expensive film school education
  • Demoralized from classes led by bitter screenwriters (been there)
  • Spent hundreds and thousands of dollars on callous script consultants (been there too)

I developed tools to get writers out of their pain and into their power.


About Craig:

In my 15th year as head of Red Wall Productions, A Film Production Company, I've ushered dozens of film projects from inception to celebration! I've nurtured writers and filmmakers from the blank page to the big screen.

Praise from some of the Artists:

I highly recommend Craig as a screenwriting coach. He is really supportive and great to work with. Being able to share your writing with him on a regular basis really helps you with accountability on getting the writing done, and it helps to have someone to interact with as you are developing the story. He offers a lot of guidance and tips on developing your story, is honest with you about what works and what doesn’t. I definitely credit my weekly meetings with Craig as part of the reason for my success with my first feature screenplay!
— Jennica Carmona - Writer/Director "Milly and the Lords" on HBO Latino
Craig has this contagious confidence and joy about him. These are two very difficult attributes to keep working as a screenwriter year after year. I want to emphasize how important joy and confidence are for me. I’ve had 3 jobs for 5 years. 1 of which is screenwriting. Let’s be honest film is impossible and it’s a fight. Having Craig’s expertise and support was incredible. He is more than just a script consultant. He is a mentor and that’s what separates him and makes him invaluable to me. Without him there are several projects of mine that would not have been produced and even accepted into festivals. I’d recommend Craig... Craig is bomb.
— Shannon Ko - Screeenwriter
“Having Craig as a writing teacher is one of the best choices I’ve ever made. Hands down. He helped alleviate my fear of the blank page with his encouragement, laughter, and concrete tools. He does what truly great mentors do - to see right past your jittery feelings, get to the core of where you excel, and brings that to the forefront. He dives in with full commitment to your potential, and through draft after draft, supports the best version of your work.”
— Toni Robison-May - Writer/Director/Actor, 2015 AFI Screenwriting MFA
CRAIG! I’m actually on a high from our meeting.
THANK YOU so much for taking the time to read, process and share your insights with me... it’s so rare to find artists that not only have talent, but have heart - and you....have that in Spades.
— Marc Santa-Maria - Actor/Writer/Producer
Recently, I was asked by a Network to present a script after I had pitched my idea to them. I knew Craig was a “script doctor”, and asked him if he would read the pilot episode I’d written. When Craig T. Williams got back to me, he gave me feedback that made sense! He helped me think through the structure of the script, the NEED of the character, and even corrected some of my formatting...He proposed solutions that fixed a couple of the problems that my script had.
This is a testimonial, but it’s also my ALERT call...If you don’t know what the big deal about CRAIG is, now you know! Red Wall productions is an excellent resource for your entertainment needs.
Thanks again Craig. From the bottom of my heart.
— Squeaky Moore (Producer, Writer, Director)
Craig played a vital role in the development of Young N’ Reckless. He stepped in when we thought our script was perfect. He challenged every idea we had. He convinced me to cut my favorite scenes. These were
blessings because when I go back and read old drafts, I can tell I was a new writer. Craig helped us take our project from script to the screen and, most importantly, gave two actors the confidence to call themselves writers.
— William Alexander Runnels - Writer/Director, Young and Reckless - Web Series

As a filmmaker I have produced webseries, short films and features. Craig has helped me in the development process of my productions. He has a great knack for helping you find your story. I am a better writer and filmmaker because of him.
— Richard Lampone - Director/Writer/Producer - Feature Film "Gender Bender"

Here's What we'll cover

3 secrets to unforgettable characters

Make your characters more dynamic, proactive and multi-dimensional
Strengthen your character’s “aha” moments

Nail your genre:
comedies should be funny
thrillers should thrill
dramas should be.... dramaful (yeah I know it's not a word, I was on a roll)

Make those opening pages POP!
Learn the skill that will drop readers into the world of your script
How to hide exposition

Tighten up the middle of your mushy middle of your screenplay
say goodbye to boring 2nd acts
show don't tell (how to use this rule and when to break it)

The Strong Finish
Your screenplay doesn’t have to have a “happy ending” but it needs to be satisfying.

This class is designed to get you to YOUR happy ending.

You'll be a confident, excited and inspired screenwriter.


If you're tired of doing nothing, do this!

A year from now, you'll be thanking yourself.

If you work hard, you'll walk away with a screenplay that is ready to shoot.


Here are the particulars.

Mondays 7pm, next class TBA

Only 8 writers

Money back guaranteed, if after the first week, this class isn't working for you. You get your money back. No questions asked!

In person class at a convenient New York City midtown location.


I will budget your finished screenplay! ($1500 value)

Whether you want to shoot on the RED camera or an iPhone, I'll provide a
manageable budget getting you one step closer to shooting your project.

Next Class Coming Soon!

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