The iNdie Empowered ActorThis is the newest workshop from the team at Red Wall Productions lead creatively by Rosalyn Coleman Williams. It covers on camera auditions, on set acting, marketing for film and television, and how to create your own work. This workshop is currently only available to colleges and universities. Please contact for detailed information.

Acting For Film Workshops The camera is great truth detector.For 5 people or 50, let us help you demystify the acting for film process.  Our seminars are fun, informative and most of all empowering.

ESA Workshop NYC 3-17-2011.jpg

Past Workshops Taught by Roz Include:

The Eceptional Auditon with Laura Fine and Michelle Shay - NY, NY On Camera Acting Workshop Sol Film Festival -  Filmmaking Workshop, Apple Store Soho

Bam You Got The Job, Actor’s Connection

Building A Character, Howard University, BFA Program