Known for simmering on-screen presence, Vanessa Thorpe is an American actor. Her laid-back, kind, fun and spiritually grounded real life are clearly at odds with her on-screen personae. 


She is perhaps most known for principal and supporting roles in films like The Place Beyond the PinesBreaking Dawn and Dominion. She also had a recurring role on the hit television series Guiding Light. In addition, Thorpe has more than seventeen theatrical performances in New York and regional productions under her belt.             

As a lover of NASCAR and country music,  your set will never be boring. First they give her ‘the look’ then laughter, followed by, ‘how did that happen?” Thorpe's trademark smile and laughter response may just be life's best ice breaker. 

Thorpe is also a songwriter whose lyrics can be heard in Intersports latest media campaign as well as Jazz clubs throughout Europe. Not only is she a master at prose of her lyric writing. Thorpe has turned her attention to narrative, writing her first film Dangling, which she calls “a labor…of love.” The love continues as she’s currently writing her second film I Will Not Break. She plans to get both films to the pre-pro stage by years end. 

What do I do at Red Wall? 

I write, I shoot, I act, I grow!!!!!! 

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