Top Five Comedy 

Principals to consider when Analyzing A Comedic Scene.

1.  Punchline- which line is the set up and where does the joke land?  In other words,  notice and consider the construction of the joke.

2.  What is the tone of the comedy?  Is it a black comedy?  Comedy of errors, or slap stick?  

3. What is your function in the scene?  how do help or hinder the action?

4. Where are the wins and loses in the scene?  After you find the conflict,  celebrate with you score a point on your opponent,  suffer when you lose. 

5. Raise the stake so high that they show up in some way on the outside.  For example love makes your itch or sneeze.  Create physical manifestations of what you are experiencing. Think about Elle in the restaurant when her  boyfriend in Legally Blonde breaks up with her.  Her heart hurts so bad she squeaks.  It's grounded in truth,  she's really hurting. It's the size that make it comedic.  She ends up limping down the street. 


The more you discover the funnier it will be.  Think of a classic man vs. banana peel skit. 

The man wants to walk down the street.  The genius comedian clown creates as many real ways to slip on the banana peel as possible.