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Professional, laser focused editing to creating dynamic original material Red Wall Productions can create a reel for you that industry professionals will notice.

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Here’s the reel procedure:

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How do we help you?
We assess:
Performance (do your clips show good work)
Quality (can you see and hear the scene)
Production Value (lighting, sound, camera)
Relevance (is the clip too old to be of use)

Bring me your DVD's and Links.

Most frequently asked questions:
I have a clip online - can you get it?

Can we video conference a consultation?

My reps are desperately waiting to show this.
Can I get it quick?
YES! 48 hour turn around.


Take advantage our $299 Flat Rate!

Free posting of your edited Reel on your website or youtube or vimeo or all.

Digital archived copy of reel for when it’s time to update with new footage. (I've been updating actor reels for over 10 years.)

If your reel was already edited by me:

Update - Add new footage. Restructure, remove, restore - $125

Update with a new headshot or new contact information - Free

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Craig is responsive and intuitive. As a film artist himself he understands the need for a reel to have a flow - a beginning, a middle and an end - but it also has to be able to grab someone’s attention. He’s great at helping you sort through clips and get your best work highlighted - and in the right order. I’ve had to come back a couple of times with additions - the good news was I got work and had more clips - and he edited in the new footage quickly and for a reasonable price - He’s a great resource!
— Sharon Washington
Craig was a dream to work with. He made some drastic edits to my reel but his feedback was invaluable. His choices really showcase my work - I completely trust his experience and insight. Craig was very generous with his time - not only did he update my reel but he gave me all the outdated footage to use as clips to highlight specific characters/types if needed. I can’t wait to get industry feedback. I would highly recommend Craig - he creates stand-out reels!
— Sarah Louise Lilley
“I had an edited reel already, but felt it was outdated and I didn’t have a lot of recent on-campus work to replace it with.

Craig understood this and took the standpoint that quality was more important than quantity. He took the best of the work that I had done and edited in such a way that gave me more of a presence in my scenes. He also arranged the work differently so things now flow more smoothly.

I actually feel pretty proud of it, because I look like I know what I’m doing as an actor. Lol! Craig also inspires trust...because he clearly knows what he’s doing. So I had no angst!!! My agent is happy as we had talked about ways to make me more saleable. Now we have a tool and my confidence and optimism is up!”
— Rosemarie Mitchell
Working with Craig on my reel was as ideal of an experience as I could hope for. From the font to the music, I felt that this was completely mine but I trusted that Craig would give me guidance and insight. I recommend Craig to all my friends and peers who are at a place in their careers where they have a good sense of self and know what they’re “selling” because the process was so collaborative.
— Camille St. James
Craig was fast, professional and open to what I needed. I can edit video myself but I knew I needed someone who could pull clean video from episodic TV and put it together in a clean professional way and Craig fit the bill perfectly. Highly recommend.
— Bruce Faulk
Somehow you managed to please me and my agents while holding fast to your artistic sensibility. The feedback has been great. I suppose the highest praise I can give is that I have new work that I want on my reel and you are the man for the job.
— Mark Lotito
Craig is always so easy to work with. Very professional and always willing to share his personal insight which I appreciate. He’s a great resource to have across the board!
— Whitney Johnson
“I have worked with Craig on several projects aside from my reel and look forward to additional projects with him. Craig is insightful and offers suggestions that work. He has an eye for detail and a sense of humor that makes spending time with him delightful.”
— Catherine Chadwick

Creating Original

Reels From Scratch

We write, direct, and edit reels for the talented up and coming actor or the seasoned artists. Don't wait. Make a digital video of you doing your best, most inspired work. FREE Consultation!

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