The Mission of Red Wall Studios is two pronged. First, we produce entertaining, thought-provoking multimedia content - from feature films to webisodes, radio ads to iOS apps. We will gladly usher your project from inception to celebration.

Secondly, we empower artists. We help artists develop their craft through classes, workshops, scholarships, internships, and professional opportunities. We give artists the tools and confidence to create their own work and share their individual stories with the world. 





Rosalyn and Craig met as actors on the set of the short film The Window, which was selected to be part of the 2000 Sundace Film Festival. As they traveled to promote the film, they fell in love. And on November 17th 2001, they married. 

For their new life, in a new apartment. Roz and Craig decided to do something neither had the guts to do, they painted a wall the color of red. With the boldness and passion of the new wall, Red Wall Productions was concieved. In 2002 they lauchned the company with the support of family, friends and colleagues. Brick by brick Red Wall is growing. Join Us!