• Can I email you the sides? 

Yes.  But please bring me a printed copy for me to read with you for you audition.  Also please bring a printed copy of your monologue.

  • When are you available?

I work 7 days a week.  We will find a time that works for both of us. Because of the nature of show business, my work hours must be flexible.  So if you get a last minute audition, give me a call I will try my best to meet your needs.

  •  Where are you located?

Midtown Manhattan.

  •   Can you help me find a monologue?

I will happily assist you but you will be doing the heavy lifting: reading and research.  I will give you feed back on your choices.  

  • Can you email/upload my audition to my agent or my mother?

Yes.  This takes computer time, there will be an additional fee.

  • Can you make me 20 DVDs of my reel?

RWP is equipped to handle most video services.

  •  Can you give me feedback on my reel/headshot/outfit/haircut?

Sure.  This is your time.  I can do whatever you think would be helpful to your creative process.

  •  Help I am not in NYC, can you help me with this scene for my audition?

You have a couple of options. You can email me the scene and I will work with you in terms of analyzing the material on the phone.  $40/half hour

Or you can tape yourself doing the scene, upload or email it to me and I will give you feedback based on what you are doing by emailing the scene back to you with my audio commentary.  Or we can use the phone or Skype.   

I am happy to meet your needs as best as I can using modern technology.  I accept payment in advance only for these services via pay pal. 

  • Can I tell you about my audition?

Absolutely, please give me all the glorious details via email.  You have email, facebook, twitter, access to me 24/7.  If it pertains to appointments/payments someone from RWP will respond.  If it’s about the craft of acting I will respond.  As my client, I will help you as much as I can anytime. Warning: I am not able to talk on the phone very often, so text or email is best.

Red Wall Productions' Policies:


In Studio Make Up:

If you must miss a In Studio Class, depending on schedule, you may sign up for a 30min private session BEFORE the next class.


Roz Acting Coach is not responsible for printing audition sides.

Pre-paid sessions must be used within the calender year of purchase.

Example: You purchased 10 sessions on Feb 4th 2012, you have till Feb 4th 2013 to use them.

Fees are non-refundable/non-transferable.


  •  Cash, check or credit card
  •  Or pay pal to: 


*If you plan to use debit or credit cards please set up pay pal account before our session.

Checks made payable to: Red Wall Productions.

Payment due on or before services rendered.




GAME NIGHT-Feature Film



DANGLING- Short Film

59078">I am very excited, Roz, let me tell you why. i have an audition saturday
and for the first time, i'm going to act like it cost me $35,000 and
change to be exact. thank you again for saying that. it helped restore
some much needed confidence.

in the immortal words of albert einstein, "you da bomb!"

- Shaun Wilson

And Roz, I know I've said this before, but your teachings have been great. Since I've come back I've booked EVERY SINGLE audition, including a Cingular Industrial, a supporting role in the professional staged production of M*A*S*H and a staged reading at the professional theatre company, ArtWithin.

- Mrinalini

So thank you again for your help and great care for truth telling. It will
have a lasting effect on how I approach my on camera auditions.

- Crystal Noel

You gave me great insight on how to enhance my 
craft so I wanted to personally thank you for sharing your knowledge 
with me. 
Since I have been back in Atlanta I have had 4 auditions and have gotten 3 of them.

- Sherricka White

"Roz's class was brilliant! I feel like I never knew how to act until meeting her."

- Laura Earle

Roz as a teacher is even more impressive than her resume. She had us doing exercises I never would have imagined doing, with results I never would have expected. I can't thank Della, Bob, Margie, and Roz enough for the level of training they provide.

- Angela Mitchell

Hey Roz,

I just wanted to thank you again for being such a fabulous teacher. I already have a new outlook on my career and am looking foward to the many auditions that I have lined up for March and beyond. I just wish I could carry you with my in my pocket or take keep a hologram version of you or something. I learned more from you in 3 days than I did in a whole semesster in school. I have read over all my notes from the workshop and I just can't believe what a vast improvement I have made. I just hope you realize that eventhough we live hundreds of miles apart you are never going to get rid of me. Sorry. I have begun reading out loud every night like you said and although it's probabnly just my imagination I feel like it's already making a difference. Roz is a fabulous teacher. She taught me to stop acting and to just be in the moment.

- Vallen Dior

"Rosalyn's Workshop was an amazing experience. She definitely brought everyone in our group to the next level and it was incredible to see the difference she made. Next time, it would be cool to save the before video and look at the results after the workshop. Her focus was on connecting with the audience and her exercises on script analysis really helped the script come alive. Learning to keep the connection really helped to free me from worrying about the script. I recommend this to any actor interested in getting over their fears with auditioning and looking for a different way to prepare for a cold read."

- Anna Lamadrid

Dearest Roz,
I had an amazing time at the audition earlier today. For me, it was 
one of the most solid audition/monologue I have been on.
I felt more confident in my work after working with you. And I felt 
stuck at one point and I got out of that chair which solved it.
Thank you!

- Jennifer Mann

Dear Roz,

Thank you for the really awesome session today. I learned more in one hour 
with you than in one month with some other teachers. You are very giving, 
and a hard working teacher. You got me out of my head, and that counts for 
a lot.

To review, I learned to:

(1) Use the before-time of the monologue as a prep. I should ask myself 
what happenned before, then I should try to find a way (vocally, physically) 
to connect to it. I'll keep playing around and building on the improv you 
saw me do.

(2) The more specific actions I have, the more real my acting will be, such 
as physical conditions.

(3) Don't pay attention to "rules". Do what you need to do to get into the 

(4) HAVE FUN!!!

Again, thank you so much for your help.


- Mario Quesada

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